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Superintendent's Message

10 months ago

Dr. Walter Tobin


Our Mission…

to provide every student with a world-class education allowing them to graduate college, career and life ready.

Dr. Secaida D. Howell Interim Superintendent

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10 months ago

Home of Allendale County, South Carolina

The mission of the SC Department of Education is to provide leadership and support so that all public education students graduate prepared for success.

Pursuant to Section 23-3-535 of the 1976 Code of Laws of South Carolina, the Allendale County School District is providing the following hyperlink to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s Sex Offenders Registry.

Great expectations: "It's Allendale's time..."
Great expectations: "It's Allendale's time..."
Dr. Margaret Gilmore, newly appointed interim superintendent of Allendale County School District may be new to Allendale, but she’s not new to small towns and helping to make positive change in education.

Dr. Gilmore has worked in education for more than 30 years beginning her career as a Special Education teacher. She obtained a Doctorate from University of Memphis in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies and throughout her career she has served in many leadership roles that have equipped her to provide the push to excellence that the district needs. She served as Assistant Chief Academic Officer for Shelby County Schools in Memphis, TN., the 14th largest school district in the nation.
Dr. Gilmore has also served as an Instructional Supervisor Director of School Leadership Grant, School Improvement Planning Coordinator and Accreditation Coordinator.

As her résumé might suggest, Dr. Gilmore has set the bar high for herself, but even high expectations are interwoven into the fabric that has made her the transformational leader she is today. “I consider myself blessed to have been raised in a household where my parents had very high expectations for all nine children.” Growing up in a family of 9 children on a farm in a small city in Arkansas, she learned the importance of always striving to be the best and never looking down on someone unless you’re pulling them up. Dr. Gilmore is more than hopeful about next school term, she’s excited and that excitement is contagious!

Admittedly, Dr. Gilmore was not familiar with Allendale when she received the assignment to come from State Superintendent Molly Spearman. “I didn’t know much about Allendale, but I knew a transformation was needed.”

With state officials declaring a “state of emergency” for the rural South Carolina district and the state’s Department of Education having to intervene, this has been a challenging time. Under the circumstances, Dr. Gilmore has worked in the district as a Transformational Leadership Coach since July of 2017 and is happy that she’s been welcomed with open arms by the community. “I’m here for the people of Allendale…I’m here for a while.”

Strengthening the relationship that the community of Allendale County has with Allendale County School District is one of the top priorities of the soon to be interim district superintendent. Forming and nurturing partnerships within the community is part of Dr. Gilmore’s strategy to achieve that goal.

However, priority number one for Dr. Gilmore is creating a culture in the district that focuses on the growth of the students individually and the growth of the school district as a whole. Because the community and schools are direct reflection of each other, understanding the impact of growth starting with the next leaders of Allendale is vital.

When asked if she felt she was perfect for this job, Dr. Gilmore hesitated then responded that she believes God has ordained this time in her life to be in Allendale. “This is Allendale’s time…starting right now!”

Welcome to Allendale, Dr. Gilmore!

Allendale County School District FAQ

10 months ago

Allendale County School District

Frequently Asked Questions 

On June 19, 2017, State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman declared a state of emergency in the Allendale County School District. Superintendent Spearman’s decision was made after a comprehensive review of the district, multiple attempts to work with the local board, and considering the best interests of the students in Allendale County. The emergency declaration gives the State Superintendent direct control of the management of the district.

Superintendent Spearman and the staff at the South Carolina Department of Education are committed to making the necessary changes and improvements in the Allendale County schools to ensure that the students have expanded opportunities and are provided with the necessary tools and resources needed to be successful. Working alongside parents and members of the community, we will restore pride in the Allendale County school system and make sure that each dollar is directed to improving outcomes for all students.

Specifically, the South Carolina Department of Education will focus on four objectives for Allendale:

  • Improved student achievement on reading, mathematics, science, and social studies summative assessments in grades 3-8 and high school End-of-Course exams
    • Success Criteria – Allendale schools will move out of Tier 3 priority status for student achievement.
  • Improved college and career opportunities and higher post-secondary readiness levels for graduating seniors
    • Success Criteria – High school students will improve by 5% annually on college and career readiness metrics.
  • Greater stability and retention of building and district leadership
    • Success Criteria – External diagnostic review will validate that building and district level leaders have a high capacity to lead improvement and transformation initiatives.
  • More transparent fiscal accountability
    • Success Criteria – Financial risk assessment will be rated at “low risk” and all federal and state funds will be prioritized for direct support of students and teacher/leader professional development

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in charge of the Allendale County School District?

Superintendent Spearman, by declaration of emergency, assumed direct control of the school district on June 19, 2017. Superintendent Spearman has appointed Dr. Walt Tobin to oversee reform efforts as the district’s superintendent. Superintendent Spearman and Dr. Tobin have complete decision making authority in the district.

What about the lawsuit filed by the Allendale County School Board?

On June 22, 2017 the Allendale County School Board filed a lawsuit with the South Carolina Supreme Court against the South Carolina House of Representatives, South Carolina Senate, Superintendent Spearman, and the State of South Carolina.

The State Superintendent’s management of the district will continue pending a decision by the South Carolina Supreme Court.

What is the role of the Allendale County School Board?

The Allendale County School Board is a publicly elected body whose members cannot be removed from public office except through the electoral process or by executive order of the Governor.

The Allendale County School Board will remain in place but all management authority lies with the State Superintendent.

How can I help?

Parent and community input are vital to successfully getting Allendale schools back on the right track. Dr. Tobin and Superintendent Spearman will be meeting regularly with parents, teachers, and community leaders in order to keep the Allendale community involved as they make the tough decisions required to move the district forward. Members of the community can sign up to receive informational email about upcoming meetings and community conference calls by emailing us at Additionally you can receive information by following us on social media.


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Mission and Vision

11 months ago

Our Mission ... 

to provide every student with a world-class education, allowing them to graduate college, career, and life ready. 

Our Vision ... 

to ensure that each child exiting the District will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to enter college, the military, or the workforce. 

Our Beliefs 

We believe that:

  • Children are our first priority.
  • All students can excel to their maximum potential.
  • Effective communication is essential to building trust.
  • A nurturing and diverse environment promotes growth.
  • High expectations are essential to student achievement.
  • Learning environments must promote character and good citizenship. 
  • The community, home, and school must collaborate towards common goals.