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about 1 month ago


The purpose of the Division of Curriculum and Instruction is to assist schools with improving student performance. The department has developed professional learning opportunities and technology supported instructional initiatives to help teachers improve their content knowledge and instructional skills. 


The mission of the Division of Curriculum and Instruction is to promote academic achievement while encouraging teachers and staff to provide the support, best practices and resources needed to improve student learning outcomes, individual growth and overall performance as we develop the whole child. 


Dr. La'Toya Thomas-Dixon

3249 Allendale-Fairfax Highway

Fairfax, SC 29827 

803-584-4603 ext. 1132 

Message from the Director of Curriculum and Instruction

2 months ago

Dr. La' Toya Thomas-Dixon

Thank you so much for visiting our Teaching and Learning section of the district. In Allendale County School District, we pride ourselves in understanding and connecting to students, families, data, teaching and learning. We are one community that speaks the same message and theme with one voice.

Dr. La' Toya Thomas-Dixon
I kindly ask that you join in on our events held at the schools. Within our classrooms we strive for student engagement, teacher facilitation, and student led activities. Our teachers and administrators work together to ensure academic achievement is the first priority.

As our district continues to move forward we are utilizing resources within the community and surrounding areas. We seek your support in our classrooms through volunteering, donations of in-kind services, or simply a donation of student supplies. Again, thank you for your visit to our district webpage!


Yours in Education,

Dr. La’Toya Thomas-Dixon

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, K-12