Child Find

about 1 year ago

By Tenia Creech


Child Find is a component of IDEA that requires school districts in each state to identify, locate, and evaluate all children with disabilities aged three to twenty-one, who are in need of early intervention or special education services. In South Carolina, the children who are birth to three years of age are served by Baby Net and are referred to the local school district before their third birthday. In order to receive early intervention services or special education, children must meet eligibility guidelines for either of the services offered.

Children in need of special education services should be identified as young as possible, and also as soon as possible after the concern is noted. The earliest possible identification of educational or behavioral concerns will diminish the impact of the concerns on the child’s education. Federal law and state regulations set out categories of disability. Your child may have more than one disability. The evaluation will help to decide which one is the “primary” disability.

If you suspect that your child may need additional educational assistance, please contact their locally zoned school and speak with the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) Coordinator or you may contact the Allendale County District Office at (803) 584-4603 and ask to speak with the School Psychologist.

Fairfax Elementary School

(803) 632-2536

Allendale Elementary School

(803) 584-3476

Allendale Fairfax Middle School

(803) 584-3489

Allendale Fairfax High School

(803) 584-2311

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