Becky Dukes, Director of Federal, State, Testing and Accountability Programs

Becky Dukes, Director of Federal, State, Testing and Accountability Programs


Becky Dukes

Carol Simmons


Director of Federal, State, Testing and Accountability Programs

Project Assistant



  • To support Allendale County Schools in the education of students who meet the criteria of the Profile of the SC Graduate.

Federal Programs and State Programs

  • Implement Title I Crate to meet all compliance requirements of the Title I program. (Mandated by SCDE)

  • Assist schools with Title I Planning and Annual Meetings.

  • Provide support to the district and schools through collaboration with district and school administration to create plans for all Federal Grant and State Grant funds to maximize opportunities for students, teachers, and parents.

  • Hold quarterly meetings with principals to monitor budgets and submit amendments as needed to spend all funds according to rules and regulations for each grant.

  • Collaborate on a regular basis with the Finance Department to ensure that purchase requisitions and purchase orders are approved and invoices are paid in a timely manner.

  • Meet all deadlines for submission of plans and other requirements as outlined by the SCDE and USDE.

  • Utilize the support of SCDE Federal and State Programs training and staff to meet goals.

Testing and Accountability 

  • Attend all required training and webinars for state tests and accountability provided by the SCDE and test vendors.

  • Provide training and support for school test coordinators and other test staff.

  • Support the use of assessment data from state and formative assessments at all schools through training and consultation.

  • Meet all SCDE testing and accountability deadlines.

  • Upload all assessment data into Enrich Assess on a timely basis to keep all student test data up-to-date.

  • Respond to all school assessment-related needs upon request

  • Provide training and support for the implementation of

  • Section 504 and ELL plans in Enrich.

  • Serve as the district compliance specialist for Section 504

  • students.