Allendale-Fairfax Middle School (AFMS) serves approximately 261 students in grades sixth through eighth. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment that promotes academic success for all students. The faculty and staff work diligently to provide a safe, standards-driven, and student-focused environment.

We continue to set high expectations for our students in the areas of academics, creativity, athletics, character development, and social growth. Our EOCEP Tests resulted again in tremendous success. Our English 1 scores were maintained at a 100% passage rate. Our Algebra 1 scores increased from 87% to 94%. Our students partner with the TRIO program at South Carolina State University. They also have an opportunity to experience various field study outings. We have continued to focus on implementing a school-wide STEM program that will provide our students with opportunities to be successful in a rigorous academic environment while developing 21st learning skills and incorporating the knowledge, skills, and characteristics of the Profile of the SC Graduate. Each student has an opportunity to have their own I-Pad. Students are recognized for academics at quarterly honors and awards ceremonies.

To socially enrich our students, we are continuing to refine our positive behavior incentive program as well as a mentoring program to help our students become mature individuals. While the major challenge at AFMS remains closing the achievement gap, we are dedicated to working tirelessly to reach our students.

Parents and community members are encouraged and invited to participate in our school improvement process. AFMS does offer parent and community participation in the School Improvement Council, our school has worked to establish and strengthen community ties in an effort to improve our school and benefit our students.

As we conclude another year, our school motto is "Innovate. Educate. Grow.” The entire faculty and staff are committed to the school's motto.