Student Spotlight: Kayla Allen

Kayla Allen, a Senior at Allendale-Fairfax High has received 12 acceptance letters from colleges from Brevard College in North Carolina to Claflin University so far and has been offered $138,000 in academic scholarships. Allen intends to major in Biochemistry to begin her journey of becoming a pharmacist. Recently, she earned her Pharmacy Technician's license from the South Carolina Board of Labor License and Regulation and has enlisted in the Army National Guard. 

This astute scholar has certainly taking steps in the the right direction to make her ultimate dream of opening her own pharmacy someday. This dream stemmed from falling loving with researching medication for her grandmother after she became ill during the 2018-2019 school term. After connecting with a Biochemistry professor during a campus visit, Allen decided she would make the University of South Carolina Aiken her next stop. 

Allen attributes part her success thus far to having faculty and staff members who have motivated her when she felt like giving up most. Congratulations, Kayla!