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If you learn of a school or an area emergency, please do not rush to school to pick up your child. Additional traffic will block any needed emergency vehicles. Your presence in the school building could delay the evacuation process. Each school’s emergency response plan includes procedures for protecting children as the first priority, followed by a system of reuniting them with you in a safe, orderly, and timely manner.As parents, you play an essential role in keeping students safe during an emergency. Please know that our highest concern is your child’s safety. The district and each school have emergency response plans covering natural disasters and other emergencies. If you wish to discuss specific concerns or have any questions regarding our safety plans, call your school principal or our emergency services manager, Alfreda Jamison, at 803.584.4603. 

Schools are sometimes placed on Lockdown or Lockout.

What you should know:


This is a response to an immediate threat to the campus such as an intruder in the building. Classrooms and all entrances are locked. Students remain in their classrooms with their teacher and no one is permitted to enter or leave the building until the situation is resolved. Staff and law enforcement (school resource officer) will be in the halls. 

A lockdown is usually for a short duration. The lockdown will be canceled as soon as it is determined the threat no longer exists.


This is in response to a general threat to the area or campus. All entrances are locked and no one is permitted to leave the building. Normal instructional activities continue. Staff and law enforcement (school resource officer) will be in the halls. Anyone entering the building will be required to state the reason they need to come in (pick up a student for a doctor’s appointment) and show a photo ID.

A lockout may continue for an extended period of time and will be canceled when the threat no longer exists.

With both procedures, as parents, you should know that your student is in a secure environment with increased staff and law enforcement presence. We would ask that you not come to the school unless it is an absolute emergency. You are placing yourself and others in danger by entering the threat area.

Off Campus Emergency Situations

If you learn of an off campus emergency i.e. a major traffic accident involving your child’s school bus, a Family Reunification Center will be established near the accident. The center will be staffed by the district’s Crisis Response Team (2nd responders) which consists of nurses, psychologists, social workers and other essential district personnel. The location of the center will be determined by 1st responders, including the Allendale County Sheriff’s Department and other emergency services personnel. All students involved in the accident (regardless of injuries) will be transported to the following hospital.

The Crisis Response Team will know where your child is being treated. Anyone picking up a student must have proper identification and be listed on the student's emergency contact form

allendale county hospital

Allendale County Hospital


1787 Allendale Fairfax Highway

Fairfax, SC 29827

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Safe School Helpline

The Safe School Helpline is a convenient, confidential way for anyone to report information about situations that might affect safety at our school. You can call the number any time of the day or night to report concerns about unsafe or potentially disruptive activities or situations including drug or alcohol abuse, weapons, harassment, bullying or threats. All calls are confidential. 800-418-6423 (800-4-1-VOICE ext. 359) TEXT: 614-426-0240 Then type: TIPS www.safeschoolhelpline.com Download the free SSHL Mobile app

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