Beta Box visits ACS campuses
The Beta Box, a mobile technology lab based in Raleigh, North Carolina, returned to Allendale County Schools visiting every school in District in an effort to increase STEM exposure for students. The company opens the doors of its mobile unit equipped with 3D printers and laptops with coding software to allow students to  connect with science and technology principles they may not otherwise know. 

One of the goals of the Beta Box company is to introduce STEM to students as early as possible. The ultimate belief is the earlier students are exposed to STEM, the more likely they are to incorporate STEM in rhe future which in important considering the extreme presence technology has in the world today. “Initially, STEM concepts are foreign, but eventually they opens curiosity and spark creativity,” said one Beta Box facilitator.

Developing a generation of youth who are well-versed in STEM builds a pipeline for global tech companies and major corporations based in S.C. such as BMW and Boeing. Building a solid foundation in STEM also increases the chances for ACS students to compete with students nationally.