ACS Offers School-Based Telehealth

ALLENDALE, October 21, 2019  –– Allendale County Schools is offering school-based telehealth students!

Allendale County Schools is entering its second year of full implementation of school-based telehealth as a result of the district’s partnership with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Center for Telehealth and the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance.

School-based telehealth is administered with the assistance of the school nurse using secure video conferencing and special stethoscopes.This service is free to students receive Medicaid benefits.

Outcomes for the program will positively impact the students, families, schools and the community at large. 


• Increased access to care

• Improved health outcomes

• Improved attendance

• Improved academic performance


• Decreased missed work days

• Decreased preventable ER visits • Decreased anxiety

• Cost savings


• Improved attendance

• Improved behavior

• Improved academic performance 

• Healthier students and staff


• Improved access to care

• Decreased preventable ER visits and hospitalizations

• Decreased healthcare costs

Private insurance holders must Telehealth services are covered individual plans. Provided services vary by county include acute care, chronic disease management, mental health and group health education. 

Parents may now enroll students here.