Census Day 2020

Today Is Census Day! 

Hello neighbors! Today, April 1st,  is Census Day – the reference day for the 2020 Census. We use this day to determine who and where you are counted in the 2020 Census. You should include everyone who usually lives and sleeps in your home as of April 1, even if they are staying somewhere else temporarily. If you have not responded to a Census invitation yet, please take a few minutes to do so.

By getting an accurate count, Census results determine each state’s representation in the U.S. House of Representatives and inform legislative district boundaries. Responses to the 2020 Census also shape decisions about how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal, state and local funds are spent in our communities each year, including funding for local hospitals and emergency services.

This is your chance to not only shape your future, but South Carolina's future. Shape your future. Whether or not you have received an invitation, you can visit www.my2020census.gov to fill out YOUR 2020 Census now.