ACS partners with STEM outreach program

Allendale County Schools recently developed a partnership with the Celebrate Freedom Foundation (CFF) STEM Education Outreach Program. On April 29, Superintendent Dr. Gilmore and the school district’s Teachers of the Year visited the CFF headquarters located in West Columbia, South Carolina to gain insight about the foundation’s offerings for students.  

CFF’s STEM Education Outreach Program, whose foundation was created by military veterans more than twenty years ago, was developed to connect what students learn in the classroom to global jobs and careers. Each year, CFF pilots fly military helicopters to schools in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina – taking a hands-on approach to achieving its mission of helping to build a workforce that can compete globally for jobs of the future. This partnership will assist in providing the students of Allendale County with >span class="TextRun SCXW229886944 BCX4"> skills and competencies to pursue jobs and careers in STEM fields.  

CFF will make its first visits to the ACS campuses in October of the 2021-2022 academic year.