AFMS students win in statewide STEM competition

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, Allendale-Fairfax Middle School (AFMS) students put their STEM knowledge to the test in a competition for the title of Regional goIT and IoT Champion in South Carolina claiming three awards.  

The first-place winners of the challenge were Arianna Priester, 8th grade, Rhodes, 7th grade, Ariyanna Washington, 7th grade for their presentation of “My Little World.” The students explained that the invention provides users with a virtual reality experience that assists with anxiety, depression, and obesity. The regional champions developed a thorough budget and presented a pitch that wowed the judges. The group winning Third Place was Oliver Washington, 6th grade, Hannah Meyer, 6th grade, Zanariah Harden, 6th grade with “Eye Matter.” Winning Most Creative were the “Business Brothers,” Antonio Badger, 7th grade, and Kavion Patterson, 7th grade.  

Students prepared for the competition by taking a deep dive into information technology (IT), artificial intelligence (AI), and app design since February 2021. Allendale County Schools has partnered with the Dream, Imagination, and Gift Development Program (DIG), a local STEAM education program, hosted the competition. AFMS is one of six schools where DIG programs are active.