SRNS is hiring its third cohort for the LSE Production Operator Apprentice Program. This is a limited service employment position in which apprentices will be hired for a period of eight months to complete on-the-job training (OJT) and earn the Nuclear Fundamentals Certificate from Aiken Technical College (ATC) under the guidance of a qualified production operator or instructor. The program is designed to train apprentices on the production processes to perform at the Production Operator, Grade 16 level. The work schedule will consist of 20 hours per week of paid OJT at SRNS. There is no guarantee of future full-time employment upon completion of the program.

 The EM Operations job posting includes 25 LSE Production Operator Apprentice positions and is posted only on the External BrassRing website. Non-SRNS employees and SRNS employees who are not full-service may apply to external postings. This includes construction craft employees, limited service employees, contingent workers and subcontractors. To access and apply for external postings, go to: (Construction craft employees must submit a signed Craft Posting Acknowledgement Form when applying for an external position in order to be considered for the position. This form can be found on InSite: Services>Human Resources Home>Labor Relations>Forms.

 The duties and requirements of the position are provided below: 

 LSE Production Operator Apprentice Essential Duties:

  • Apprentices will enroll in and achieve the Nuclear Fundamentals Certificate at ATC and obtain a grade of 80% or better in all courses; the courses consist of Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Instruments, Radiation Protection and Hydraulics/Pneumatics
  • Shadow qualified production operators observing work from standard and special procedures, training, shift logs, verbal turnover and supervisory direction
  • Perform administrative functions, such as completing process procedures, taking and documenting equipment readings, using copier, completing store orders, participating in procedure development and other administrative duties as required
  • Observe production process functions such as valving, chemical tank make-ups, pull samples, decontaminate equipment and facilities 
  • Operate and monitor process instrumentation on a simulator if available
  • Receive, handle and ship nuclear materials and railroad cars containing casks 
  • Monitor process piping and equipment, inventory special nuclear materials in tanks and vault
  • Order, stock and maintain supplies
  • Perform walk downs of procedures 
  • Operate, under instruction, equipment such as forklifts, pumps, gang valves, samplers, railroad dinghy and other equipment as needed to perform necessary functions.
  • Observe operation and performance of surveillance of auxiliary/support equipment.
  • Meet facility specific qualification/certification standards
  • May be required to complete Advanced Rad Worker Training (ARWT) and perform task-specific RCI functions
  • Successfully complete the nuclear fundamentals and on-the-job training as prescribed in the apprenticeship program in preparation for potential full-time employment as a production operator

 LSE Production Operator Apprentice Entry Requirements: 

  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must have a valid state driver’s license
  • Must have completed ACT WorkKeys Skills Assessment and achieved a minimum score of two in Workplace Observation, three in Graphic Literacy or four in Locating Information (Graphic Literacy replaced Locating Information on October 1, 2017), and four in Applied Technology. Official results must be uploaded into BrassRing as a file attachment at the time the application is submitted online. Test scores must be within the last five years. Official documentation must be provided to the company for consideration of employment. 
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a DOE Security Clearance
  • Must be able to work rotating shifts




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Oct 26-Nov 3

LSE Production Operator Apprentice, EM Operations

EM Operations



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Questions may be directed to Ned Baynham, 952-7669.