ACSD Superintendent, Dr. Gilmore, has selected candidates and called to order the first quarter meeting for the Superintendent’s Student & Teacher Advisory Council.

 Student Advisory Council members are specially selected based on their grades, behavior, and outstanding performance both in and out of school. We would like to congratulate and welcome the following scholars and “Champions in the Classroom” on their selection into the Superintendent’s Advisory Council:


Students (Scholars):                             

Tyrese Hammond              

Fernanda Millan                 

Sean Rivers                          

S’Miya Bing                          

DeNaire Breeland               

Imani Holmes                      

Anthony Johnson                

Hunter Johnson                   

Jaiden McKnight.                 

Leah Duncan                         

DaNayja Johnson

Kaseem Johnson

Gabriel Patterson

Rebekah Powers

Dhwani Rupapara

Arian Williams


Teachers (Champions in the Classroom):

Ms. Shirley Jennings

Mr. Garrick Cummings

Mr. Oruganti Sarma

Ms. Patty Dopson

Ms. Shernette Morgan

Ms. Deborah Moore

Mr. Ravi Adi

Ms. Shemica Jackson

Ms. Voncinna Kirkland

Ms. Brenda Pringle

Ms. Ofelia Estaris

Ms. Nyantara Ojha

 During these meetings, student and teacher council members discussed and planned new 2022-2023 school calendar ideas, AFMS & AFHS renovation suggestions, ACDS accreditation visit, and various other recommendations, concerns, and ideas for both our present and upcoming school year. 


Dr. Gilmore expressed how scholars should always have a voice and be included on decisions that impact their learning environment.


“Each of the scholars’ voices matter. Having students represent from each grade level allows us to learn firsthand what our students want/need from us. They deserve a high quality education and that is what we, the educators and leaders of Allendale County School District will provide to them.” She said.


Teachers and students of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council are excited to come together and be a voice for positive change for everyone.