Food Service

On August 2nd and 3rd 2022, the Allendale County School District Cafeteria Staff attended an HACCP training conducted by Ms. Heather Zwiker.  HACCP, which is an acronym for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a plan that is used to identify, reduce, and react to biological, chemical, or physical food safety hazards. The training included teaching food service staff members how to safely handle, cook and store diverse types of food. They learned how to establish critical limits and develop and apply corrective actions. The goal of the HACCP system is to prevent contaminants from causing foodborne illnesses. The goal was to ensure that each staff member had a clear understanding of safety and prevention. 

At the end of the second day of training, each cafeteria staff member was assessed on the material presented by Ms. Zwiker.  To gain certification for HACCP, a participant must score at least 74% or higher. As a result, all participants passed the test, and all cafeteria staff members are certified. Tameara Morrell, Erica Jones, Virginia Love, and Ms. Margaret McMillan all received a perfect score. We are proud to say that 2022-2023 is the first year that the entire cafeteria staff, including substitutes, have earned their HACCP certification. Congratulations to the Food Service Department of Allendale County School District. 

Ms. Shawana Busby - ACSD Food Service Coordinator.